HELP: Knocking The Dust Off

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As most of you can see, this thing of mine hasn’t been updated very often. I’d say I do a pretty good job of keeping up-to-date on things: news, technology, etc. But blogs are something I know absolutely nothing about. Sure, I can put a couple photos and some thoughts together and post it. But things like changing the appearance of my blog or even formatting my blog to fit my photographs correctly are things I am utterly and completely lost on. I’m not one for excuses, but I’d say that not having this knowledge has deterred me from posting on a regular basis. So, to my blogging photographer friends, any help with setting up a clean, easy to use blog would be much appreciated! In return for your help, I will post some pictures. Deal?

In other news, baseball season has started! Many friends covering sports always tell me how much they can’t stand covering baseball. I’ve always been someone who tends to over think everything and I think for that reason, I enjoy shooting baseball. It may not be action at all times like hockey or football but when it does happen, you need to be mentally ready. Knowing specific player skills, tendencies, and rituals will also help you make the best images.

Just like the baseball players I cover, it takes a few games to get back into the routine, while at the same time making sure to not become complacent – always pushing yourself to make new images and keep things fresh.

While I attempt (once more) to get into both a blogging routine, as well as my baseball one, I encourage you all to help me grow as a blogger, photographer, and a person, and appreciate all comments and criticism.

I leave you with images of mine from the (very chilly) Cleveland Indians Opening Day game against the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox won in an offensive 15-10 match.

Thanks for your time!



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